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With the power of our proprietary Botanical Formula

Our advanced formulation combines all the benefits of the highest quality Cissus Quadrangularis (CQ) with other 100% natural ingredients to help improve your canine companion’s mobility and alleviate the discomfort that results from regular exercise and the effects of aging.


CQ is a medicinal plant that has been used with great success in treating human ailments in many cultures for thousands of years. A decade ago, it was introduced as a remedy for athletes suffering from sports-related injuries.  Independent clinical studies have proven that this next generation nutraceutical promotes bone, muscle and ligament repair while reducing pain and inflammation.


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RxMobility® is rich in bioactive compounds and the antioxidants Vitamin C and Beta Carotene which work gradually and naturally with your dog’s system. Our supplement's anti-glucocorticoid properties inhibit the release of the stress hormone Cortisol, helps maintain strong joint articulation and promotes faster healing. We have added Brewers Yeast to provide a complementary source of B-complex vitamins, chromium, and selenium to improve skin and coat health.

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Clinically proven for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, health experts compare the pain-relieving effects of Cissus Quadrangularis to Aspirin or Ibuprofen but without the gastrointestinal irritation.

Our proprietary formula relieves discomfort by reducing tenderness and swelling to assist in the rehabilitation and protection of damaged cartilage.

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Our nutraceutical alternative has no loading phase, no side effects and is recommended for daily use. The botanical compounds in the key active ingredients of RxMobility® address complete bone and joint health by synergistically boosting your dog's overall natural ability to heal. Clinical studies have shown that the nutrients in CQ (Cissus Quadrangularis) contain highly bioactive regeneration properties. It dramatically increases bone building, assists in the rehabilitation and protection of damaged cartilage and helps rebuild muscles, ligaments and tendons.

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We have addressed dog-owners allergy and dietary concerns for their pets by ensuring that there are NO artificial colours, sweeteners, additives or preservatives and NO wheat, corn, soy or dairy. With all natural, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients sourced from an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified manufacturer and produced in the USA in a cGMP certified and FDA approved facility, we guarantee 100% of labels claims.

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As preventative maintenance to improve active and senior dogs' flexibility or as a supplement to decrease recovery time from exercise and injury, RxMobility®'s mission is to promote joint comfort and maintain healthy overall body functions in your dog.

All sizes, all ages and all breeds - we want to help you create a better quality of life for your canine companion.



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Rimadryl, Carprofen and other prescription drugs may temporarily help manage pain and mobility issues in canines but can prove costly and hazardous to their health in the long run.


RxMobility® holistic approach has no side effects or toxicity issues. Our therapeutic formula of scientifically balanced, select natural ingredients will help support your dog's normal joint structure, function and flexibility as well as promote his optimal general health and well-being.

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We try our best to keep ourselves on track in the most beneficial ways possible, we owe it to our pets to help them in the same way. The last thing they need are chemicals and additives in their diets.


Whether restoring mobility in a senior canine or managing the daily physical impact stresses of an adolescent dog, RxMobility® has been proven to heighten a canine's natural ability to heal.


Unleash your active or aging dog's potential