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Our best friends cannot always tell us how they are feeling but we can ensure their best quality of life through regular exercise, a healthy diet and 100% natural supplements that maintain strong joint and muscle tissue.
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Does my dog need RxMobility™

The simple answer - yes. Over time your dog's normal daily activities such as running and playing will place stress upon their joints. Our therapeutic formula was specifically developed to help rehabilitate and protect damaged cartilage while reducing pain, tenderness and swelling. We recommend a daily preventative maintenance dose of RxMobility™ for both healthy and aging dogs to maintain strong tendons, ligaments and muscles. 

What is RxMobility™

RxMobility™ combines the highest quality Cissus Quadrangularis, a plant rich in Vitamin C, beta-carotene and antioxidants, with other natural ingredients in a convenient, chewable tablet. Our beef or chicken flavored chewable tablets contain no unnecessary fillers, no corn, wheat, soya or dairy and no chondroitin, MSM or glucosamine.

What are the benefits of RxMobility™

RxMobility™ is formulated to assist in the rehabilitation and protection of damaged cartilage.  Extensive laboratory studies have shown that CQ increases bone tensile strength, and promotes faster healing while minimizing associated joint damage. No Loading phase is required and in most cases, initial improvement may be noticed within 5 to 12 days, severe cases may take more time. Remember - every dog is different.

Why choose RxMobility™

Cissus Quadrangularis, the key ingredient in RxMobility™, has been utilized in holistic healing treating humans for more than 1000 years and has been safely tested for treating the same ailments in animals since the 1940s. Its analgesic properties are comparable to aspirin and similar type anti-inflammatory medicines on a mg per mg dose basis (without the harmful side-effects associated with NSAIDS and steroids). 

Is RxMobility™ safe for my dog

Our chewable tablets work gradually and naturally with your dog’s system. Cissus Quadrangularis, the main ingredient in RxMobility™, is non-toxic and carries no potential adverse side-effects. RxMobility™ is manufactured in the USA under the strictest health and quality controlled conditions in a GMP certified and FDA approved facility.

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