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1 in every 5 adult dogs in the USA suffers from some form of degenerative joint issue

It is crucial to address potential joint deterioration before chronic stresses impact the joint conformation and structure.

The fact is there is no cure - Management is key.

When we add a dog to our home the start of a special bond develops. Our new addition becomes our friend, our partner, our love and we become their family. In addition to the play time and comic antics our new dog brings to the household, we also assume a multitude of routine responsibilities.


Regularly scheduled visits to the veterinarian, a proper diet and daily exercise can ensure that your pet leads a happy and healthy life but even young dogs and active aging companions may suffer from some form of joint-related mobility issue.

You can help your dog's quality of life naturally with the benefits of RxMobility®'s holistic formula

Degenerative joint disease can result from normal activity, aging, and in canines that suffer from dysplasia, patella luxation or injury to a joint. Symptoms may vary dependent on the severity of the case and the joint affected and may include an altered gait, muscle thinning of the affected limb, stiffness, restricted mobility, a loss of appetite and a change in behaviour. As the pain associated with joint disease is dull, most dogs won't wince or cry out in pain but will lick the affected area or look for a soft, warm place to sleep.

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Note that overweight animals have an added strain placed on joints and the discs of the vertebrae -  reducing their weight and maintaining lean body mass (under veterinarian supervision)  is extremely important to ease pain and improve mobility. Remember, our dogs rely on us to give them every opportunity for a long and active life!


Have you noticed a change in your canine companion? Read further about WHAT IS ARTHRITIS for more information on how your dog may be affected.


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