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Our canine companions love attention

What better way to show them off than on their very own fanpage!

RxMobility® is thrilled to be a part of these success stories. 



This little rescue relies on RxMobility® to keep him active!

RxMobility Pup of the Month Kiffi

Kiffi is a 6 or 7 year old Maltipoo that was a rescue when he was 3. His owners were told that he had hurt his leg and would probably limp for the rest of his life but after a month of using RxMobility® he was back on his feet again! He has a sweet little face, a grateful disposition and the only place that you can see Maltese is in his tail, otherwise, he is all Poodle. Kiffi's owner has raised Standard Poodles for 35 years and this is her first small dog in a while, but she tells us that he is just as smart as the big ones. He's a real lover and would rather cuddle than almost anything else, although he does love to bark if any dog goes past the window - just doing his job! Kiffi helps his owners dog-sit with Rover and he is okay with other dogs as long as he can be the boss. And he is. He loves peanut butter and has his RxMobility® as a "dessert" supplement after breakfast.

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