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Everyone needs a paw up

Now, more than ever

Rx dalmation pawing it forward

1 in 5 dogs in America suffers from some form of health issue; that is 16 million reasons to get motivated about improving their quality of life. Inspiration is in each success story that crosses RxMobility's path, from the heartbreaking testimonials of people whose last resort, without our help, would have been euthanizing their canine companion to seeing a 13 year-old Welsh Corgi field-tester winning Master Class agility trials against dogs half their age. Inspiration walks into our lives on four furry feet every day and gives us cause to celebrate that we have made a difference. 


We want to pass along that inspiration: although we provide a botanical alternative for mobility problems, part of our greater mission lies in the larger issues of animal welfare, dogs without forever homes, rescues and shelters. Creating an informed awareness about canine health and what we as responsible manufacturers and pet parents can do is a mandate that is not an option - it is what we do.


We are very interested in working with a like-minded community and have developed a giving program for retailers and animal welfare organizations that has farther reaching benefits. If you feel that we can complement your efforts and those rescue or shelter agencies that you are affiliated with, please do not hesitate to CONTACT us to discover just how effective it can be to "help". 


We are ready to Paw it ForwardJoin us!




Pup of the Month

We have heard from many customers about how their dogs have gotten back some puppy energy or made remarkable recoveries with the help of RxMobility.


Do you know a dog with an RxMobility success story? Share those wonderful moments with other owners that are a part of our community. We would love to have them join the pups on our pages!


RxMobility dog and baby
RxMobility friend Sally Zinkhan with one of her competition dogs
HomeGrown DogSports

Strengthen the bond between you and your dog through agility.


Sally Zinkhan's passion for the past 20 years has been agility training for dogs. With a strong belief that canines should have every opportunity to attempt the instinctual activities they were created and bred to do, she currently trains and shows 3 corgis and 3 border collies in agility and disc dog competions. This winning team has been on ESPN, USA, OLN, and MPT on shows such as the Great Outdoor Games, Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, and Outdoors Maryland.


Home Grown Dog Sports has grown into a "family", a close knit group of friends with dogs who are supportive of each other. Whether teaching at the Branchwater Training Center or in her own back yard, Sally is the driving force behind these relationships and the bonds that are formed between man and dog.

Passionate about rescues that she has a connection with and then finding them their forever homes, sometimes that home ends up being her own. Sally has successfully placed at least a dozen dogs in wonderful loving families. As a trainer, she naturally places great emphasis not only on teaching dogs but on educating owners about canine health and wellness.


RxMobility® has been a part of Sally's own pups' daily regimen for the last four years, providing relief from the stress and strain of lots of daily activity and the rigours of competition. Competitive dogs don't have the luxury of a few days off to heal repeated stress to the joints and ligaments that they endure in training. 4 time World Champion DiscDog trainer Sally Zinkhan trusts RxMobility® to put her canine competitors through their paces day after day and still come out winners under the toughest conditions. Whether active or aging, big or small,Sally knows it is never too late to start your canine companion on a daily maintenance plan.


We are pleased to have HomeGrown DogSports and Sally Zinkhan among our supporters. You can find out more about them by clicking on the link.

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