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RxMobility friend Lily the maltese yawning


Keeping up with her little brother

has been rough!

Lily faced some challenges in the first 5 years of her life.  When she was just over a year old and I noticed her front leg was sore and that she was limping.  Both our dogs (you can see them together on our Friends page) like to rumble with each other so I guess it could have precipitated this injury.  She could not climb the stairs in our home and one of the co-founders of RxMobility® suggested we try a bottle of the supplement.  I believe Lily was the first dog in Canada to test this mobility formula and in less than two weeks Lily was back to normal, able to play with Max, with no limp and climbing the stairs again!

The next major event was in 2014 when she tore a ligament in her left hind leg that required cruciate surgery. The surgery went well and the vet prescribed two pain medications to administer post surgery along with an anti-inflammatory/pain medication to help with the swelling. I advised the vet that I would use RxMobility® in place of the anti-inflammatory drug (prolonged use of such drugs can lead to other serious organ issues). Lily had a full recovery. RxMobility® provided all the comfort she needed in order to heal properly.

The most recent incident was last year in June when I noticed that Lily’s right hind leg was “up”. She was reluctant to put any weight on that leg - I thought, “Oh no – not another cruciate surgery”. It is very easy for a dog to injure their knee; slippery floors in a house are a concern or it can be a sudden twist, especially for small dogs. I took her to the vet and he felt a little movement in her right knee – an x-ray showed no tear but possibly a stretched ligament. The other major finding was that there was some very small wear on the ball of her hip joints. He advised that since this looked like a degenerative issue, the only thing that could be done is to keep her comfortable by taking a joint supplement.  Of course I gave her RxMobility® starting with a double dose for several weeks to help her knee as well as her hips.

It is four years later and Lily is still giving her little brother a good run every day!

RxMobility friend Lily the maltese after surgery

"I credit RxMobility with helping Lily manage her post-surgery recovery as well as she did."



An incredible story of endurance...

I rescued Maggie back in 2007 when she was a 5 month old malnourished, severely underweight pup that required 2 hip surgeries. 


After those surgeries in the years that followed she was doing quite well when the unthinkable happened. She chased a snowmobile off our land onto a road when a pick up truck with a plow ‎launched her into the air and broke 3 legs and ruptured knee ligaments. Plates and screws in 3 legs and a cast on her rear right leg for 10 weeks ensued. She pushed through it - What a tough dog!

RxMobility friend Maggie recovering from surgery

Through manual physiotherapy performed by me and my mom and dad, and with plenty of walking and swimming she has managed to achieve a good quality of life.


Since being on RxMobility® for the past 6 months, she now jumps into the back of the SUV‎ (we don't encourage this obviously). Her Energy level has increased and for a 8.5 year old German Shepherd (full of metal leg-plates) she  now requires an extra active walk in the evening. 

We are so impressed with this product and how it is impacting Maggie in a positive way. It's allowing us to enjoy Maggie in her senior years and also ensuring Maggie is Energy plus and pain free.

Maggie's injuries and life story were featured on the

Animal Planet Channel on Save My Pet (Season 2 Episode 1) in 2013.

This show was previously called Pet ER.

RxMobility friends Maggie and her owner

Finale with Clover

Clover has been on RxMobility® for a few years with great success. She amazes everyone with her ability to leap and put herself in strange positions to catch the disc.  Recently her friend, a lazier border collie has been taking Rx as well and the effects have been astounding. Finale, a 7-year old Border Collie, has gone from being a couch potato to a dog who can outrun Clover and will play for long stretches of time. She has a heart of gold and loves everyone she meets (dog or human). Just recently at the ripe old age of 6, Finale learned how to play fetch. She cracks up her owner and agility trainer every day with her love of spinning office chairs. She will hop up in one and look overjoyed when it spins. This quirk and her floppy ears always guarantee a smile. Finale and Clover's pet parent is amazed by the effects RxMobility® has had on both her girls and plans to keep them on it for life.

Can't have one without the other! You can see the love

and that's why these two are a girl's best friend...


Unleash your active or aging dog’s potential with RxMobility®'s breakthrough joint mobility formula!

All ages, all sizes, all breeds


Jojo and his pal Sweet Pea

When we heard Jojo's story we just knew we had to let his owner share it with you...

Jojo is my 6 year old shih-tzu, always acted like a puppy, full of energy, happy and bouncy. A couple of months ago something happened and all that changed: He walked with his tail dragging, his head hung low and whenever anyone touched or picked him up he would yelp or growl. After a trip to the vet it was decided he had probably pinched a nerve in his neck. So they put him on some meds to keep him calm and help with inflammation. Within 2 days he had blood in his stool from the stomach/intestinal irritation, which he had issues with in the past and regularly would vomit yellow bile. I was very frustrated at the thought of huge medical bills and the trial and error of the medications he may have to undergo.  A friend recommended RxMobility® and after 2 months, the transformation is unbelievable! Jojo is like a puppy again, bouncing about and happy again. But even more incredible is his increased appetite and energy - He is so happy to be able to get back to his "job" at the children's library "Read with Me" program! I have a friend who trains dogs and have been recommending your product to her and anyone with a dog with issues or just willing to listen! Thank you!!

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