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Got a finicky dog that doesn't like new things?

Most dogs love anything beef-flavoured...
90 % of all the canines taking RxMobility® think it is a treat!

For those of us who have fussy friends, here are a few tricks:

No surprises...


Break the chewy tablet in half and give with a few pieces of food as treats or just add to your dog's regular food when feeding.

Some dogs know when there is something "different" in their bowl: grind the tablet into powder with the flat back of a spoon, mortar or muddler and mix directly into their meal. 


Cool and creamy!
Coat the chew with yogurt and give it as a treat (plain yogurt is a great idea to add to your dog's diet as it contains "good" bacteria which can aid in digestion and help keep your dog's digestive system clean and functioning optimally).


1 teaspoon for small dogs

1 tablespoon for large dogs

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